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Wholesale Gorilla helps merchants run their wholesale business – from handling orders to customer management. 100% online. 

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Accept direct wholesale orders 

Have customers place orders through your quick Order Form. Just like a line sheet. Connected to your live inventory on Shopify.

Create a wholesale portal for your buyers

Have wholesale buyers log in and see exclusive content and product details just for them – not your retail customers.

Set customer-specific pricing

Tailor pricing and discounts to one or many customers with Pricing Tags. No more custom linesheets! 

Offer custom net terms & shipping rates

Set net terms and shipping rates just for wholesale buyers. Great for those ready to place big orders with you. 

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Hear why merchants love Wholesale Gorilla

Super great, clear, fast tech support. Great app and support. Gorilla people have never been less than wonderful.

Friendly and helpful support. They just carried out two new installations for us and a tune up of one of our existing installs we have had running successfully for the past couple of years. All updates ready by the time I arrived the next morning. Would definitely recommend them.

Martin Audio
Martin Audio2023-05-19
Shopify App Store

This app let me cancel my other subscription costing much more money. It does what I need. Plus I had a few questions & they were answered very quickly!!!!

Principle Denim
Principle Denim2023-05-18
Shopify App Store

Go above and beyond to fix any issues. Great app that we don't have to look at often it just works in the background exactly as needed.

Just Shear
Just Shear2023-05-18
Shopify App Store

Thanks for the love, let us know if you need any help in the future!

I've tried so many apps to help sell wholesale on my Shopify and this is the only app I found that had all the functionality I needed. Support has been very helpful and kindly answered all my questions promptly. Recommend. 🙂

We are very happy with their service and got everything we need so far. Skilled and accommodating customer service.

NSP Nutrition
NSP Nutrition2023-04-06
Shopify App Store

10 STARS!!! If your company is looking for a Wholesale App to connect to your Shopify, Look no further. Gorilla Wholesale is YOUR ANSWER! We recently had to opportunity to work with this amazing company developing and incorporating more options for your wholesale needs. If you happen to have a company that handles your own inventory for retail and wholesale and can not find an app that keeps your inventory tracking separate, THIS APP WILL NOW HANDLE YOUR NEEDS! No need in paying for a second store or a costly app that does not provide you with the specific needs that you are looking for to handle all your business from one Shopify store. This NEW AND IMPROVED app does it all and MORE! We are a small company that offers retail and wholesale and had been struggling for months and months trying to find an app that we could allow our wholesalers to place orders with us but we did not want the wholesalers to take from the retail inventory that we personally control in our warehouse. We downloaded several apps that we thought would work but were unsuccessful including Gorilla wholesale, the difference was, Gorilla wholesale listened to our specific needs. Gorilla wholesale realized after speaking with us that there was not any wholesale app out there to fit the needs of small companies such as ourselves looking to handle retail and wholesale from one store without messing up our inventory and diligently worked side by side with us PERFECTING AND IMPROVING their app. We can not brag about their customer service enough! Every single question was answered in a timely manner. If there was a problem, you better believe they found the solution. Hands down, without a doubt, we will be a forever client! 1000% Recommend Wholesale Gorilla for these folks don't Monkey Around!

We love the versatility of the app - easy to use and an inexpensive way to get B2B going. Also their support is great!

Life of Colour
Life of Colour2023-03-14
Shopify App Store

Are you struggling with wholesale chaos?

Organize and elevate your customers' wholesale experience by setting up Wholesale Gorilla for your Shopify store. Our team is ready to help you process your next wholesale order tomorrow!

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Frequently asked Questions

Yes, you can set discounts at the product level in our system. We offer you the flexibility to set prices for the entire store, collections, individual products, or even specific variants. This allows you to create different pricing groups and multiple discounts for each product.

If a customer qualifies for multiple discounts on a product, our system will automatically apply the lowest price available. However, please note that excluding specific products from discount rules is impossible. Therefore, it's important to set up discount rules at a level that includes only the items you want to discount.

Once a product is discounted through a rule, it cannot be removed from that rule unless you delete the rule or remove the product from the associated collection (in the case of a collection-level rule). Customers will only see the discounts associated with the tags on their account, ensuring they receive the applicable discounts based on their eligibility.

Yes, you can set discounts for specific customers by using unique tags on the discount rules. For example, you can assign the 'VIP' tag to customers who qualify for a 50% discount and the 'wholesalers' tag to customers eligible for a 75% discount. All you need to do is add a tag to a customer’s account, and they will receive the designated discount, ensuring personalized and targeted pricing for different customer segments.

Yes!  You can hide certain products from either wholesale or retail customers.  Professional plan users can go even further and hide products from specific groups of wholesale buyers.

Yes!  Using our Net terms feature, pre-approved customers can submit orders without paying upfront, allowing you to collect payment later.  Professional plan users can also set different payment terms and due dates for different customer groups.

Yes!  Our wholesale shipping settings allow you to ignore certain retail shipping rates and set wholesale-specific price-based rates.  Open the app, go to the Shipping page, and click “Enable custom shipping”.

Here, you can just enter your free shipping minimum order value for wholesale customers. You can also enter a flat rate shipping amount you want to charge or enter a percentage. Other options include ignoring the Shopify price, weight-based rates, and all carrier-calculated rates. 

To set up the shipping rates for your wholesale customers, simply open the app and configure the desired settings. Our app will then consider all the applicable shipping rates you've set on Shopify, as well as the wholesale shipping rules you've defined within the app. It will automatically select the lowest rate for your wholesale customers. This way, you can ensure they receive the most cost-effective shipping for their orders.

A Shopify wholesale app is a valuable tool for online store owners as it streamlines wholesale operations, provides a customized experience for wholesale customers, improves order management, enhances customer relationships, and increases overall efficiency and scalability. It optimizes wholesale processes, offers exclusive pricing and product offerings, and enables efficient order fulfillment, resulting in a successful and profitable wholesale business. 

When shop owners transition to wholesale, they face challenges such as pricing, inventory management, order fulfillment, customer acquisition, regulatory compliance, operational scalability, and branding. A Shopify wholesale app addresses these problems by providing features that streamline pricing management, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment.

Open the app and navigate to the “discounts” tab. Create a new discount by selecting “New Discount.” Choose the option for the entire store collection product. Select the specific product you want to offer at a discounted price and add it to the discount.

Set a customer tag for this discount. Customers with the designated tag will be eligible for the discount. Optionally, you can set discounts for individual variants, but we'll apply them to the entire product for simplicity.

For example, let's set the discount for customers with the tag “wholesale” to receive 33% off this product. Once the rule is created, it will appear in the discounts list.

To ensure customers receive the discounted price, make sure they have the appropriate customer tag in their account. Navigate to the “Customers” tab, locate the specific customer (e.g., Sam Smith), and add the “wholesale” tag to their account. When Sam Smith logs into the store, they will see the product you set at 33% off.

Our Shopify wholesale app offers features to help you manage retail and wholesale customers separately. You can segment customers, set up wholesale pricing and discounts, establish minimum order requirements, create a customized product catalog, and manage wholesale orders separately. 

The app allows wholesale customer registration and approval, ensuring that only qualified customers can access wholesale benefits. By using our app, you can effectively cater to both retail and wholesale customers, providing a tailored experience for each segment.

Our Shopify wholesale app offers a customizable Quick Order Form which is exclusively offered to wholesale customers by default. Along with this unique wholesale catalog, Wholesale Gorilla provides features to help you manage wholesale customer access, discounts and other customizations. You can segment customers, set up wholesale pricing and discounts, establish minimum order requirements, create a customized product catalog, and manage wholesale orders.


The app allows wholesale customer registration and approval, ensuring that only qualified customers can access wholesale benefits. By using our app, you can effectively cater to both retail and wholesale customers, providing a tailored experience for each segment.

With the Wholesale Gorilla Premium plan, you can use the “Quantity Discounts” feature to offer your buyers tiered pricing at the product level. As customers buy more units of an item, you can give them progressively lower prices. You can even set tiered discounts at a collection level, so all products from a collection can be discounted as a buyer adds more to their cart.

Wholesale Gorilla is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing Shopify workflow.  By default, wholesale orders use your existing retail settings for payments, taxes, shipping, and fulfillment. If you need more control of your wholesale order flow, you can use our extensive feature set to create different workflows for wholesale checkouts. Allow customers to pay later with our Net Terms feature.  Set different wholesale shipping rules with Custom Wholesale Shipping and more!  

Yes! With Wholesale Gorilla, you can hide products from retail customers. These products will be hidden from your website, and customers can purchase them once they log in with an approved wholesale account.


The reverse is also possible – You can hide products from wholesale customers, so only retail customers can view and buy select products.


Additionally, merchants can use our “Advanced Exclusions” feature with our Premium Plan. This allows you to segment your wholesale customers into groups, so products can be hidden or shown to select groups of wholesale customers.

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