Supercharge your business with the Wholesale
Gorilla Premium Plan

Go beyond the standard wholesale toolkit to create a premium experience for your buyers, improve your wholesale workflows, and most importantly - sell more.

Take a minute to see how our Pro Plan is exactly what you've been looking for.

Premium Plan Features

Screenshot of application for opening a Wholesale Account

Customizable Registration Form

Take control of your wholesale registration process with our new customizable registration form.

Product Quantity Discounts

Set quantity tier based pricing on a per product or category basis.

Automated Net Terms

Automate customer specific net terms to save yourself time.

Advanced Customer Exclusions

Hide products from specific customer groups.

Page Locks

Hide parts of your site from certain customers. Lock pages from wholesale or retail customers, or customers with a certain tag.

Login to view prices

Hide all prices on your store from retail customers.

CSV Wholesale Price Upload

Upload wholesale prices in bulk using CSV files, making price updates quick & easy.

Ready to level up your wholesale game?

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