Elegant and easy to use, even for gorilla thumbs.

Wholesale Gorilla is the wholesale portal for Shopify that combines
all the best features with impeccable customer service.

Don't monkey around with your Shopify store.

Customize Portal

Customize every inch of the portal, and experience the next level in customer service.

Tailored Wholesale Checkout Experience

Totally control the wholesale checkout experience with custom payment terms, rules, limits, and more.

Support for Shopify Markets

Sell wholesale in international currencies.

Take back your time so you can
focus on growing your business.

Our features let store owners keep their eyes on selling products
and building their brands, leaving the wholesale store to our powerful
and customizable automations and rules.

Net Checkout

Customers can place orders and pay later.

Wholesale Shipping Rules

Override retail shipping settings.

Product Exclusions

Hide products from wholesale or retail customers.

Quick Order Form

Let buyers quickly view your catalog and build orders.

Ship Partial/Complete

Option for back ordered items.

Wholesale Registration Form

Automatically tags, activates and creates trade customers in Shopify.

We understand that a good store requires that
special customization that makes it yours.

Dial in the little things, from customized messaging,
to easy to edit registration forms, language translations,
and customer-specific discounts. Make your store an extension
of your brand to keep customers coming back.

Set Limit Rules

Create quantity rules for cart totals, collections, or products.


Display messages and pages generated by Wholesale Gorilla in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.

Dynamic Discounts

Sell more by offering extra discounts based on the cart subtotal.

Customizable Messages

Create bespoke messages throughout your site that are only visible to wholesale customers.

MSRP/RRP Display

Show MSRP/RRP next to wholesale price.

Easy to Integrate

Professionally designed and beautifully fits into the style of your site.

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