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Announcing Our New Bundles

It’s a new year, new me for Wholesale Gorilla, and this year, our resolution is to make our revolutionary app that much more accessible for even more Shopify owners.

How so? 

Launching this month, Wholesale Gorilla will now offer: 

  • Three pricing tiers
  • A lower price point for the entry tier
  • The ability to get your wholesale store live instantly upon signing up 

Now, before you decide which Wholesale Gorilla plan is right for you, let’s get into all of the details of the latest and greatest changes. 

New Tiers; Same Support and Service 

Our motivation to make changes to our pricing tiers was to offer exemplary service at a cost that any small business owner can afford. Because Wholesale Gorilla was designed and built to support our co-founder’s own wholesale business, we know what it takes to grow and scale. 

So, as of January 2024, Wholesale Gorilla will now offer three pricing tiers, expanding its availability for growing businesses across the globe. Those include: 

  • Essential: Everything you need to get started selling wholesale fast
  • Advanced: A more comprehensive solution with powerful features to scale your wholesale business
  • Premium: The full power of the industry’s leading wholesale platform with premium support and dedicated onboarding

In addition to offering an additional pricing tier for those just getting started, Wholesale Gorilla will soon offer discounted annual plans to expand our support of the community we’re a part of, too. No matter which tier you select, Wholesale Gorilla will, of course, provide expert support for your wholesale business to get off on the right foot, or you can select our premium plan for live onboarding 

Which Plan is Right For You? 

In our newest Essentials plan, Shopify users will get access to:  

  • Your own Customizable Wholesale Shop
  • Unlimited pricing rules: entire store, collections, products, and product variants
  • Custom pricing for customer groups
  • A wholesale account sign-up form
  • Manual orders creation
  • Live Support via chat and email 
  • Coming soon: Shopify Markets will allow you to sell in international currencies and translate to your customers’ language

Think your store could benefit from even more features and support? 

Tap into the flexibility of Wholesale Gorilla and explore our more robust Advanced and Premium plans instead, with additional features summarized below – 

Advanced Plan 

  • Free Theme Integration
  • Quick Order Form- streamlined ordering 
  • CSV Upload of your Product Catalog for bulk pricing
  • Enhanced signup form: Automate tasks like tagging, tax exemption, and account activation
  • Product exclusions: Hide products from retail or wholesale customers
  • Wholesale Shipping options
  • Create Order Limits

Premium Plan

  • Customizable sign-up form
  • Customer-specific payment terms
  • Volume discounts: Buy X quantity, to receive Y% discount
  • Advanced exclusions: Hide or show products from specific customer segments
  • Page and content locks: Hide pages, products, and other areas of your store from specific customer groups
  • Log in to view prices: Hide all product prices on your store until a customer is logged in
  • File upload: Require users to upload files when they sign up for an account
  • Dedicated live onboarding and Premium Support

Go Wholesale in a Matter of Minutes 

When you’re ready to hit “go” on your wholesale business, Wholesale Gorilla is ready to go with you. With our most recent launch, Wholesale Gorilla will now be ready to use instantly, unlike prior versions and most other wholesale apps that require manual or delayed installation. 

This upgrade saves busy business owners from lag time and allows them to begin building their wholesale business when it’s on top of their minds and motivated by momentum. 

Wholesale Gorilla: Trusted by over 14k 

If it’s “go big, or go home” time for your retail or Shopify business, Wholesale Gorilla is a must-have. Trusted by over 15,000 merchants, Wholesale Gorilla is the most comprehensive suite of wholesale solutions on the market: more features, more options, more control, and backed by expert support. 

We’re proud to serve our fellow Shopify owners and look forward to further customizing the app to better meet the needs of a variety of unique businesses. 

Built by merchants, for merchants, it just makes sense (and cents) to equip your business with the powerful features of Wholesale Gorilla. Grow your wholesale business and get started with your 21-day free trial today

Selling wholesale on Shopify has never been easier!

Free yourself from small orders!
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