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Streamline Your Wholesale Game: Why Our Customers Love the Wholesale Shop

Hey there, Wholesale Gorilla fam! We know you’re all about maximizing efficiency and keeping your B2B sales flowing smoothly. That’s why we wanted to highlight a feature many of you might be underutilizing: the Wholesale Shop.

The Wholesale Shop is a dedicated area your store that only approved B2B customers can access. This part of the store is entirely hosted & managed by Wholesale Gorilla, which means that it is not impacted by theme integrations. We launched the Wholesale shop to give merchants extra optionality.

Cut the Integration Wait:

Let’s face it, theme integrations with other wholesale apps can be a pain. Days of waiting, potential conflicts – it disrupts your workflow and slows down sales. With the Wholesale Shop, that’s a thing of the past. It’s completely independent of your store’s theme, so you can be up and running selling wholesale in minutes, not days.

Updates Without Disruption:

Theme updates are essential, but they shouldn’t disrupt your B2B sales. The beauty of the Wholesale Shop? You can simply toggle back and forth between it and your main store as needed. No downtime, just seamless sales.

App Conflicts? No Problem!

We all love a well-equipped Shopify store, but sometimes apps can clash. The Wholesale Shop operates independently, eliminating conflicts and ensuring your entire operation runs smoothly. That means less troubleshooting and more selling.

The Power of Choice:

  • Temporary Haven: Theme update coming up? No sweat! The Wholesale Shop is your temporary haven, keeping your B2B customers buying uninterrupted.
  • Permanent Home: Theme integration not your thing? No worries! Use the Wholesale Shop as your permanent wholesale storefront from day one.

Wholesale Gorilla is all about empowering your B2B business. The Wholesale Shop gives you the control and flexibility to streamline your sales and keep your customers happy.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your wholesale channel? Check out the Wholesale Shop today!

Benefits of the Wholesale Shop:

  • Easy for your customers to navigate and use
  • Minimal maintenance: Isn’t affected by theme changes or conflicting apps
  • Customizable: You can customize it with your brand’s look and feel
  • Automatically updated as we deploy new features and bug fixes
  • Can be used temporarily while your theme is being updated or during troubleshooting, to prevent wholesale sales from going on pause
  • Gives you more control over the wholesale experience, as all site banners & pages are tailored to wholesale – rather than retail
  • Ensures wholesale customers know they’re in the right place/prevents confusion around “shared” shop versions

Ticket Chocolate has been using the Wholesale Shop full time- eliminating the need to manage theme updates and potential app conflicts. Below are some examples of how they’ve customized the Wholesale Shop to fit their branding needs.

Quote from Ticket Chocolate:

“Wholesale Gorilla’s Wholesale Shop has been a game-changer for our business. It’s a turnkey solution that lets us offer wholesale pricing without worrying about integrations with our existing store theme or managing theme updates down the line. Additionally, since it’s hosted by Wholesale Gorilla, we don’t have to fret about potential conflicts with other apps. It minimizes maintenance while helping us keep our focus on delivering exceptional customer experience to both our retail and wholesale customers.” – Tyler Geersten, Ticket Chocolate

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